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Little Sister – Big Injuries

“Every person should have John’s contact information on speed dial. He should be among the first people to be called when involved in an accident. John greatly helped my little sister when her car was hit and she was taken to the hospital. Brilliantly navigating the minefield of insurance red tape, John gave her excellent advice and the highest settlement for her injuries and auto damages. We will always be grateful for John’s caring and expertise.”

Diane M., Mt. Lebanon

Vicious Dog Attack

Mr. Biedrzycki represented my daughter when she was bit by a dog last summer, he explained step by step what he was doing, and kept me informed of the progress. He got my daughter a substantially large settlement, which would cover her plastic surgery which she will have in the future, in addition to contacting the insurance company and having my daughters medical bills reduced, as we had to pay out of pocket, Mr. Biedrzycki went above and beyond in getting different quotes from banks to set up a court ordered account of the monies my daughter received. Although I wish I was never in the situation I was in, Mr. Biedzycki had my daughter’s best interest in mind from day 1, and until her case was settled. I would recommend Mr. Biedzycki 100% to anybody!

South Hills Parent

Negotiations with State Police Save License

“I referred, without hesitation, a close friend to attorney Biedrzycki who had an issue with his driver’s operating license and privilege because of a prior DUI. My friend was cited by the State Police for the license issue while he was stopped because of an issue with his car. Among the penalties my friend was facing was the suspension of his license. A license suspension would have caused my friend to lose his job as he had a daily 80 mile round-trip commute, and he would have been unable to maintain his employment. Mr. Biedrzycki worked with my client and the authorities to resolve the issue without his license being suspended. Just as important, my friend greatly appreciated Mr. Biedrzycki’s professionalism and his personal concern and attention to the case, especially during this time great personal stress.”

Charles B., Pittsburgh

Results Without Litigation and Resources to Help

“I have retained Mr. Biedrzycki on a few different occasions and all for different matters. He was able to assist on two issues and was up front about not being able to help on the other where he referred me to someone who was able to help. He kept me informed on all progress and was able to achieve more than favorable results on every occasion (even on the referral). 
I specifically hired him on a collection case wherein I was ready to go to court. Mr. Biedrzycki was able to collect the receivable without the assistance of a trial thus saving me additional collection expenses and time. He also provided me with Real Estate closing services. He is extremely thorough which in today’s real estate environment is more important than ever. I trust I can go to John for any issue and feel confident that either he will be the one to handle the case or steer me to someone else better equipped to do so.”

Marc, Upper St. Clair

“Reliable, Caring and Accountable Local Attorney”

“John has helped me on more than one occasion, but most recently in a situation where I needed protection from a demanding landlord in a very bad economic year. He went to bat for me so quickly and strongly that I was able to breathe while he represented me. We were all able to come up with an agreement that worked very well for all of us because of his knowledge and experience in negotiation. John had a professional demeanor in his verbal and written communication that bode well for mediation of our situation. I appreciated his support of my business, and how he handled my case. He also checks in with me from time to time to see how I am doing – that follow-up is rare in attorneys!”

J.R., Pittsburgh

“Approachable manner makes even the most difficult situations manageable”

“Generally speaking, anyone needing an attorney like Mr. Biedrzycki is probably not experiencing the best of times: when you need him most, he’s there. Mr. Biedrzycki (John) is a calm, confident professional dedicated to clients, treating them with dignity and respect while providing the best possible advice and counsel. His extensive knowledge and experience has served our family well, and his approachable manner makes even the most difficult situations manageable.

B.J. – Pittsburgh

“We could not have been more satisfied”

“Our son and daughter-in-law had bought a house that was overvalued and at a loan rate that was beyond their means. Falling behind in payments they refinanced and got in even further trouble with no chance to recover. The resulting payments were way too high and principle was well beyond the value of the home. They couldn’t and didn’t make payment for some time before we learned of the situation and we asked John for help. 
He listened to the problems but assured them that it was not beyond hope and they were not the only ones who might find thmselves is such a bad situation. We told him that we did not want to save the particular house but to let it go with as little damage as possible. My wife and I had decided with our credit rating to buy another house and rent it to our son and his family. John seemed to quickly understand the situation and had enough experience to suggest that we might be able to obtain a buy back from the bank without any continuing obligations which was more that we had expected. While we were looking for alternative housing, he kept us and our son fully advised and soon informed us that he was succeeding with his negotiations with the bank (including delays and reasonable slow responses) which never upset him nor did he allow it to upset us. He was always reassuring and informative about how things was going. 
The results were that within two months he had gotten the bank to take back the house without any further obligations and to foregive all past failures to pay. But more significantly, he had even negotiated with the bank to have them pay our son several thousand dollars to cover the cost of quickly vacating the old house (which was our plans anyway). The money paid by the bank was more than seven times what the total bill was for John’s services eventually were. 
John was well-experienced and informative regarding our options and possibilities. He was realistic in his expectations and constantly keeped us advised which was very reasuring throughout. We could not have been more satisfied with the results or the experience considering the terrible predicament in which we had found ourselves. Because of him (and our own effects ) our son and family have a more satisfactory residence and are able without the previous cloud and threat over their heads to pay less than 2/3 what they previously paid for housing and my wife and I are glad to accept the new house as a reasonable investment for our future independent of the actions our son may choose in the future. 
We highly recommend John for any legal action in the future.”

James, Bethel Park

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