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Driver of an SUV was struck broadside by another vehicle and transported to the hospital via medical helicopter. Extended rehabilitation with some permanent impairment. $232,000.00 settlement.

Motorcycle passenger stuck broadside by a SUV. Critical injuries resulting in medical helicopter transport to the hospital. $300,000.00 combined policy limits settlement.

Rear seat passenger seriously injured in a rollover crash. Injuries included a multi-ligament leg injury, scarring and disfigurement. $190,000.00 settlement.

Driver suffered a wrist fracture in a head-on collision. $65,000.00 combined policy limits settlement.

Two vehicle occupants injured following a collision and rollover. $127,000.00 combined settlement.

Premises liability case resulting in arm injury, $70,000.00 settlement.

Severe eye injury and permanent scarring resulting from debris striking motorist.  $100,000.00 policy limits settlement.

Motorist rear-ended by commerical vehicle causing sprain/strain type injuries.  $15,000.00 settlement.

These are actual case results used for illustrative purposes only. Every case is different and your results may differ depending on the facts and circumstances of your situation. The best way to evaluate your case is to contact me today for a free evaluation.